TIP. Before you fill this form, add the longer answers to a word document first that you can save as you go. Then copy and paste your answers to this form. This is just in case something happens with your internet connection or the form. Also, that way, you’ll also have a copy of your answers to keep.

Some or all of these may be used as text headings. Please note, I may not use all of them. As it all depends on the visuals, voiceover, pacing etc. Also, it's nice if the words explain a story in their own right and flow in a kind of order where possible.
Also please note: I always do my best to bring my client's visions to life but please remember I am working within the limitations of my stock libraries. If we were on a film set, anything would be possible but advanced customisations need big budgets.
Instructions about logo formatting and upload can be found at the end of this form.
Logo stings aka logo reveals are a fancy way of displaying your logo or book and are a stand-alone video that can be added to any of your upcoming videos at the end to give you brand consistency and a professional presentation. They generally include your logo and website. For examples of these check out the video examples on my site and scroll to the end of the videos. https://ebbooktrailers.com/#work